25. elementary school prof. lets go play outside
4th bike build of the year

4th bike build of the year


There is a place where anyone simply exists without masks, this one is far from your comfort zone.

Look for yourself incessantly prioritize their freedom and this voice that comes directly from your heart.

Believe me, you are your guide.



Existe um lugar no qual qualquer um simplesmente existe sem máscaras, esse é aquele bem longe da sua zona de conforto.

Procure a si mesmo incessantemente, priorize sua liberdade e esta voz que sai diretamente do seu coração.

Acredite, você é seu guia.

Lugar/Place: Serra da Bocaina - Minas Gerais - Brazil

OBS.: De 10 a 13 de outubro irá acontecer na Serra da Bocaina um festival de escalada que reunirá escaladores de diversos lugares do Brasil. Para maiores informações acesse: http://refugiobocaina.wordpress.com/

Dude is hands down my favorite climbing photog


Can’t remember the name of it, sadly.
Unknown 7B, fontainebleau


Can’t remember the name of it, sadly.
Unknown 7B, fontainebleau

“I swear to god I will lose my mind if I hear the “sex sells” fallacy one more time. Sex does not sell. If sex sold, we would see penises where we see boobs. Naked men would be on everything that naked women are on. Sex isn’t what they’re selling you. They’re selling you an impossible, pornographically fueled misogynistic idea of the perfect woman.”


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